5 Common Mistakes When Hiring a Skip Bin

skip bin hireI am sure everyone at some point has booked a skip bin for hire. It is by far the easiest and most convenient way of disposing of large amounts of rubbish and waste management for large projects. Skip bin hire companies will deliver and take the skip once you’ve loaded it and all you need to do is throw in the rubbish and get on with the job at hand. However while it sounds simple enough, there are common mistakes that most people make when  hiring skip bins so to help you avoid making the same mistakes, here’s our quick guide to help you out.

Our Guide Will Help You When Hiring a Skip Bin

1 Not Seeking Out The Best Offers

Among one of the most usual errors that people make when hiring a skip bin is simply going with the first available skip hire company they discover. Choosing any waste management company without taking time to get quotes from a selection could lead you to overpaying or not getting the service you wanted because you paid too little.

2 Choosing The Wrong Size

Many individuals make the error of ordering a skip bin which is too small. They’re then left with large amounts of rubbish that won’t fit and end up hiring another one which will cost more in the long run.  On the other hand, people often overestimate and get a larger skip bin than their needs and only half fill it. The best way of preventing this error is by having a good estimate of the rubbish to be thrown away. If you’re unsure, see how many black bin bags it will fill speak with your chosen skip hire company for advice.

3Throwing Away Incorrect Materials

A lot of people make the error of throwing all sorts of waste materials into the skip. There are actually different skip bins for different waste types and throwing the wrong items in to the wrong skip bin will lead to fines and can also be extremely hazardous to your health and the environment.  Reputable skip hire companies will have a list of items that can and cannot be thrown in the skip so make sure you view the list or speak to the company before hiring to clarify.

4 Overfilling the Skip Bin

An additional error that people typically do is overfilling the skip bin. They just continue loading the miss bin without checking the fill degrees that every skip bin will have. Remember that there are policies to be adhered to on delivering the skip bin. Overfilled bins might be subject to fines. Some companies don’t approve overfilled skips so keep to the fill line.

5 Not Recycling

Most individuals often forget that you can actually recycle, reuse or even donate a lot of waste. Eco-friendly wastes or what we call garden waste are entirely recyclable and do not need to be thrown into a skip bin. Sorting out your waste can help you save by opting for a smaller skip bin hire or a skip bin for specific waste you cannot otherwise dispose of easily.

So before you book in your next skip bin hire, be sure to go through this checklist. A reputable waste management service like Ezy Skips Online can help you choose the right size, type and advise on what can and cannot be thrown into a skip bin. Plus they compare hundreds of sites daily to ensure you get the best priced, locally delivered skip.

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