What Causes Cracks in Your Ceiling?

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There are a variety of concerns which could trigger ceilings to crack, and also some are a lot more significant than others. Often, we see water damage from storms or heavy rainfall which often results in splits and a sagging ceiling. If this is the case, simply repairing the fractures won’t be enough, as this is an issue which will require to be fixed before it creates long term damages or ceiling collapse. The only way to ensure safety and longevity of your ceiling is by calling in Perth ceiling repairs. There are many companies who specialise in ceiling repairs in Perth and it is important that you choose one that has built an outstanding reputation, such as Perth Ceiling and Walls. Here are some things to look out for before you call the experts:

Some Things  to Look Out Before You Call the Experts Ceiling Repairs

The primary step is to identify whether the problem is minor or something a lot more serious. Some of the warning signs to watch out for which may come with breaking include:

Loud fracturing noises

Sagging of the plasterboard

Plasterboard sheeting falling, pulling or going down

The look of tiny blisters


Other indications include:


Mould and insects can be unfortunate side effect of water damage and fixing this may take a multi-pronged strike. Other root causes of ceiling fractures might consist of structural damages, inadequate handiwork, ground movement, or the settling of a brand-new home (typically accompanied by wall surface fractures). Older homes are susceptible to basic wear and tear as well as will certainly be more likely to have noticeable lines.

Spider Cracks

Straight cracks are typically absolutely nothing to fret about and also might show that a joint had not been tapered appropriately. This can be camouflaged by using a thin layer of drywall compound to re-attach the tape and again ceiling repairs in Perth can help with this.

If it has been established that the cracks in your ceiling are purely cosmetic, and the cracks are not oversized, rectifying the trouble entails a couple of key actions:

Use a putty blade to delicately scuff in the fracture to produce a slightly larger opening.

Gently sand around the crack before dusting with a cloth.

Cover the area with jointing tape.

Load the fracture with plaster compound and also flatter with a paint scrape.

Wait until the location is dry.

Lightly sand until it is smooth before cleaning with a cloth.

Repaint as needed.

If any of these take place, it is necessary you consult with ceiling installers in Perth as the faster this trouble is dealt with the more opportunity you have of paying out for a simple ceiling repair rather than an entire ceiling replacement. When it pertains to fixing splits in the ceiling, it can be a challenging process as there are ladders as well as devices to emulate. Usually it is quicker and much easier to call Perth ceiling repairs to help, and this is particularly true for those bigger tasks.

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