Cutting Acrylic Sheets – What You Need To Know

With numerous tutorials on how to cut acrylic sheets, you are forgiven for thinking you can save yourself some money and do the job yourself. I mean you have the time and the right tools so why not? As with anything, there is a big difference between doing something yourself and leaving it to the experts and cutting acrylic sheets is no exception. Nevertheless, the result can be different from the specialists. CDC Laser are acrylic sheet sales specialists and have some advice that you may find interesting before you pick up that saw and start cutting!

Acrylic sheeting is so much more beneficial to glass and many other materials which makes it so popular. It is incredibly tough and durable as well as having high clarity, weather and heat resistant and easy to manipulate and install. It is because of these reasons that many people do think they can cut acrylic sheet on their own. Yes you can certainly do this by using  conventional workshop tools such as power saws, jigsaws and handsaws but you need to make sure you have the right handsaw for the job to avoid damaging the acrylic sheets. Additionally, if you want to ensure the exact dimensions, a smooth and high shine finish or something a bit more intricate in design than you will need a specialist acrylic sheet cutter.

Major Distributor of Acrylic Sheet Sales

CDC Laser has been working with acrylic sheets for many years and is a major distributor of acrylic sheet sales with quick Turnaround & Cut-to-Size capabilities.They are always on hand to offer help and advice to offer their finest guidance on how to make your DIY job go smoothly and get the results you’re after.

Give CDC laser a call and out can get a quick quote on your acrylic sheet sales or visit their show room in Wangara, Perth. With everything you need, a wide range of perspex sheets available, all you need to do is simply select the plastic type, colour, density, dimension, polished edges, span corners, screw holes, screws, as well as accessories for your project.

A thing to note though, while you may think it is cheaper to cut the acrylic sheet yourself, it is actually more expensive as you’re paying for more and much of it may even go to waste.

Instead CDC laser has high speed cutters and in house fabrication team to help you get exactly what you want quicker, professionally and at a great price.  You can be sure that the service CDC laser provides is to your exact specification, when you want it and delivered straight to your door.

With all of that experience, knowledge, machinery and service available to you, it makes more sense to hire the services of CDC laser and reap those benefits than take the risk by attempting to cut the acrylic sheets yourself.