Five Causes of Ceiling Cracks

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Ever looked up and noticed small spidery cracks in your ceiling? Many homes have cracks and oftentimes they are nothing to worry about, but ignoring them can cause issues later down the line. There are many reasons for cracks and a sagging ceiling. Some of them are cosmetic while others can indicate a serious structural problem. Below are 5 causes of cracks and why if your are facing any one of these or other issues with your Gyprock ceilings in Bunbury, you need to call in the experts in ceiling repairs in Bunbury; Southern Ceiling Repair.

1) Architectural Movements

Building structures tend to move with seasonal temperature level adjustments, and these activities can create chaos if they’re not  considered during the building process. Your home’s foundations or frame can move, expand or diminish as temperatures fluctuate. This can create movement or expansion in products that are connected to or held up by the framework, including your plasterboard, cornices and also ceiling. These movement fluctuations are often the cause of your ceiling warping, stretching, fracturing and also drooping.

To avoid these issues in the first place, have your building examined by a professional and search for any concealed weak points where cracking or sagging may begin.

2) Roofing leakages

Water damages from a dripping roof can trigger substantial concerns for your ceiling. If you have just a few litres of water soaking right into your insulation fibre, this totals up to 10s of kgs of weight stacked onto your ceiling plasterboard, causing serious water logged insulation. As the weight becomes too much for your ceiling to hold, it will start to sag and if left untreated could collapse. Experts in sagging ceilings in Bunbury can help reduce the risk of this arising.

If you’re seeing a slow-growing spot of mould or stains on your ceiling, these are also signs of a leakage in your roof. Roofing leakages require to be resolved right away, yet they can be tough to identify or find. That is why you must also call in specialists in ceiling solutions in Bunbury such as Southern Ceiling Repair who will identify the cause for treatment before undertaking any repair work.

3) Resonances from roller doors

Garage ceilings can be subjected to more routine vibrations than various other areas of your building. Power-operated roller doors and also panel lift doors connected to the building can create sharp, repetitive movements that are transferred through to your ceiling. If these vibrations are duplicated often, the ongoing anxiety can cause your garage ceiling to fracture, warp or droop. This can trigger problems when it concerns doors or windows being misaligned.  It is commonly hard to evaluate whether a ceiling crack from these vibrations is architectural or aesthetic damages which is why, when in doubt, call in the expert ceiling installers in Bunbury.

4) Age

All too often, the cause of ceiling issues is usually due to the age of the property. Like with all things, as the building ages, so do the fixings and adhesives holding the building together. This can cause some movement in your building’s framework and ceiling which will then result in cracks and sagging issues. Even fairly brand-new houses can have an unexpected look of spidery splits along cornices as well as ceilings.

As your brand-new residence ‘resolves’ within the initial 2 to 3 years after conclusion, the moisture in any type of materials or adhesives will evaporate. Cracks might appear as your cornices, ceilings and also wall surfaces clear up into their settings. To repair the cracks in your Gyprock ceilings, Bunbury, always hire a professional.

5) Termites & White Ants

Termites and white ants love feasting on peoples property and are a complete nightmare to deal with. Just like any other part of your home, your ceiling can also fall victim to termites and white ants, creating structural damage with few symptoms. These tiny pests can cause damage to load-bearing structures, triggering ceilings and walls to sag, split or even collapse.

To reduce the likelihood of termites and ants eating through your home, ensure you paint and treat any kind of revealed lumber outside your house, have any roofing leaks repaired right away, maintain your rain gutters and have a regular termite inspection carried out on your property.

Ceiling Repairs in Bunbury – Call The Expert

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