Refurbish Over Replacement – Make The Smart Choice

bathroom resurfacing

If your bathroom has seen better days and you’re well over the beige tiles and salmon pink bathroom suite, you may well have started thinking about getting a full bathroom renovation. Of course the difference between thinking about it and actually doing it is the massive cost implications involved. That is why the smarter thing to do is bathroom resurfacing. You can get the new, bright, modern bathroom look you’re after while saving a massive 80% on your bath resurfacing Perth cost versus traditional renovations. Specialist company Bathroom Resurfacing in Perth have put together the 5  reasons why you should consider bathroom resurfacing to get you a new bathroom on a budget:

1 Your Bathtub

Bath resurfacing is a popular selection compared to changing the entire tub due to its expense. The procedure of ripping out the old bath (as well as hiring a skip to remove it) and getting a plumbing professional to fit the new one is not going to be cheep and will take a lot of time which is unneeded. In all honesty, your bathtub itself is probably in good condition so you can simple resurface it or choose a bath restoration Perth service to cover the minor faults.

2 Excellent Results & Excellent Quality

While you may think resurfacing won’t get you as good results as a brand new bathtub, you couldn’t be further from the truth. A quality, experienced and reputable bathroom resurfacing Perth company will use the highest quality materials which will actually last 10 to 15 years.

3 Get Rid Of Spots as well as Accumulation of Mould

There’s nothing worse than a tub that simply won’t look clean due to the chips, mould and discoloured grouting. When the bathroom enamel wears down, scratches appear that collects harmful mould. When your tub is re-enamelled you will not need to ever have to worry about rubbing and scrubbing anymore. The new glossy surface as well as re-grouting secures from the build-up of mould and spots to ensure that your bath tub is recovered and can be cleaned up appropriately.

4 Fixing Chips, Cracks & Rough Spots

If your bathtub has any type of unpleasant chips, splits or has any type of spots that are not smooth to the touch, these blemishes can be taken care of during the enamel resurfacing procedure.

5 Environmentally friendly

Replacing your tub with a brand-new one is not only a lot more expensive but it is also a waste of finite sources. Extending the life of your bath is a good environmentally sound choice.  When you contrast the manufacturing entailed with supplying a new tub versus restoring your existing bath tub, it is clear to see that bathroom resurfacing is the most sustainable way to go.

Call in The Experts at Bathroom Resurfacing Perth

So if your bathroom is ready for a rejuvenation, call in the experts at Bathroom Resurfacing Perth and see what they can do for you. They have a great portfolio of colours and designs to choose from and their friendly team are always on hand to answer any questions you may have.

In addition, they also offer kitchen resurfacing in Perth so you could actually get both rooms done at the same price of getting just one completely renovated!