Renovating? Don’t Forget The Skip Bin!

Whether you are renovating one room, the entire house or undertaking a commercial building project, one of the first things on your to-do list should be organising a skip bin hire. Having a safe and convenient place to store all the rubbish that comes with a renovation project of any size is imperative if you want to ensure the safety of your team or family and keep everything organised and on track. Here are 4 main reasons why you need to hire a skip bin for your next renovation project.

4 Main Reason Why You Need to Hire Skip Bin for Your Renovation Project


1 Building Team Requirements

In most cases, your building contractor will only deal with associated rubbish if you have made safe and adequate provisions and that means hiring a skip bin.

2 Harmful material removal

If you have asbestos, mould, or chemicals that call for specialist disposal techniques, then you will need to hire a company that would happily dispose of those items and ensure you have specific skip bin hire for the harmful rubbish removal as you cannot simply throw it in your general skip bin or legally dispose of it yourself in landfill sites.

3 Save time and money

A skip bin hire Perth will save you money in the long term as you do not need to worry about spending money on a truck hire and spend time loading it and taking the rubbish to and from dump sites. Without the right knowledge and expertise, you could end up breaking the law and paying a hefty fine, all of which could easily be avoided by hiring a skip bin in the first place.

4 Safety

When you intend to live in the house while you are undergoing renovations, security is essential. When you have rubbish everywhere safety becomes a big concern. You do not want to risk injuring yourself, your family, kids or your building team. It is much cheaper to organise a skip bin hire than to shell out for emergency hospital fees. By having a well placed skip bin, you can ensure the rest of the area is clear from debris and safe to walk in and around the home.

Upon completion of your renovation you will have leftover materials, some of which can be reused, recycled or donated but other that will need to be properly disposed of including drywall or insulation.

So to ensure you are organised, save money, keep everyone safe and adhere to rules and regulations, book your skip bin hire with WA Skips. Their aim is to dispose of household or commercial waste fast, hassle-free and cheaply.

Providing a reliable and efficient service with a quick turnaround time, there is no better company to trust with responsible and ethical waste management and disposal than WA Skips.