Top Three Tips for a Cleaner Bathroom

When it comes to housework, cleaning the bathroom is probably one of the worst. It can take so long and is back-breaking work as you try to scrub the build-up of dirt and grime in the bathtub, shower and sink. Getting rid of hardware stains and build up and mouldy tiles and the mirror that is so foggy you can no longer see your reflection makes the entire job even more tiresome! That is where bathroom resurfacing can help. Bathroom resurfacing Perth  and bathroom tile resurfacing can give your entire bathroom an amazing makeover at a fraction of the price of a complete renovation.

How to Make Your Bathroom Surfaces Stay Clean and Sparkling

For our top 3 tips and tricks to ensure your bathroom surfaces stay clean and sparkling, take a look below:

#1 Soak all surfaces in hot water. Using hot water helps soften ground in dirt, soap scum and grime. Once cooled, the dirt will come away much quicker and easier so you won’t have to spend hours scrubbing or pay more for extra strength chemical cleaners

# 2 Start with the bathtub. The bathtub usually has a ring of soap scum, body oils, salt scrub residue and this builds up around the tub resulting in that unsightly ring. Avoid this by spraying your bathtub with a bathroom cleaning spray and let it soak in as you go about cleaning the sink and shower. When you come back to the bathtub, you can simply wash away the dirt and wipe clean.

# 3 Use an old toothbrush to clean tile grouting. Loosen the grouting dirt with hot water first, spray a cleaning solution of distilled white vinegar and hot water on the tiles and let it penetrate for a while. Then using your old toothbrush, gently but firmly scrub away the mould and dirt.

If your bathroom is looking worse for wear though and no amount of cleaning will do, the best tip of all is to book in a bathroom resurfacing makeover. Specialists in bathroom resurfacing Perth and Kitchen resurfacing Perth, we can help you turn your bathroom from drab to fab at a fraction of the cost of a complete bathroom renovation. You can give your bathroom a classic, modern or vintage look and feel and with the money you save, you can splash out on those fancy extras such as rain shower heads, steam free mirrors and heated towel rails.

Our experience, reputation and knowledge in bathroom resurfacing in Perth WA and bathroom restoration in Perth is second to none. Our friendly team of staff are happy to answer any questions you may have on the bathroom resurfacing Perth cost, options, timeframe and design ideas. So rather than spending hours a week trying to make your bathroom look presentable, consider bathroom resurfacing and give it a new lease of life.