Unconventional Uses of Acrylic Sheets

acrylic sheetsAcrylic sheet is well known for its flexibility, strength, light weight and multiple uses. Thanks to its affordability and range of styles and designs, it is often used in many varied instances. You would have seen some of them yourself including shop fittings, changing rooms and even the gym, Acrylic Sheet Sales are Perth’s premier distributors of acrylic sheets and have seen plenty of unusual applications in their time. Below are just five of the most popular yet unusual uses:

Submarine Windows

Acrylic is among one of the most resilient products as well as being water-resistant. Due to this high quality, acrylic sheets is one of the most ideal products to be utilised in making submarine windows. The clarity of acrylic sheets enables for clear vision which of course is an essential component for submarines!

Plane covers

A plane cover is a clear enclosure over the cockpit of an aircraft, made to offer a weatherproof and peaceful setting for the pilot. As it is lightweight and shatter-resistant, acrylic is also utilised to help reduce aerodynamic drag.

Windows for swimming pools

Acrylic sheets are adaptable, economical as well as are a great alternative to glass. Usually made use of in luxury swimming pools, they are UV-resistant and long lasting, making acrylic sheets a suitable item to make that yard swimming pool aesthetically pleasing to look at and swim in! A pool with acrylic viewing windows (or made entirely from acrylic panels) also enables swimming teachers and diving instructors to observe their trainees when they remain in the water.


Though you might believe it is the case, not all aquariums are really made from glass. These days, most aquariums are made from acrylic! This is because it is a lot easier to mould into different shapes and  cutting acrylic sheets to suit any design. Acrylic fish tanks offer a clear view of what’s within and also the sheets are offered in a wide array of colours. In addition, acrylic is much lighter than glass, so less complicated to move when needed. As it’s cheaper to fix acrylic is the excellent option if you’re looking to build an aquarium or vivarium for the extra exotic family pet.

Safety helmet

When you ride a bike it’s a reasonable safety precaution to make certain you wear a headgear. Acrylic safety helmets are light-weight, long lasting, economical and scratch complimentary. All of these properties make acrylic headgears the preferred choice for numerous bicycle riders.

Knowledge and Experience Acrylic Sheets Sales

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